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Lime mortar re-pointing to stone masonry building

Lime mortar re-pointing and repair to old buildings

Considerate repairs to old buildings with lime mortar can extend the life of fragile building materials and reduce the loss of historic fabric. Re-pointing of lime mortar joints can also alleviate damp problems and improve the appearance and character of your home. We can offer expert advice on cement removal, partial or complete re-pointing, lime wash, cracks to brick or stonework as well as stone repairs. In most cases it is possible to entirely remove cement preventing further damage and decay.

Lime putty

Throughout the spring and summer we carry out re-pointing work with pure lime on houses, churches, retaining walls, flint work and Grade I and Grade II listed buildings . We offer free advice and consultation on re-pointing and cement removal for old buildings and can assist with planning consent or listed building consent where required.

Hydraulic lime

For houses, bridges, castles, engineering structures and buildings with hard stone masonry we carry out repairs and maintenance using hydraulic limes. We can advise on the suitability of NHL2, NHL3.5 and NHL5 for your project and create a bespoke mix to suit the materials and environmental conditions. Ideal for footings and areas which are continuously damp hydraulic lime is proven to survive the test of time.

Lime wash

Old masonry such as bungaroosh and Sussex Sandstone can become unstable as the materials deteriorate. This commonly occurs where water cannot escape through the joints but may also be a product of chemical erosion. To help conserve the original fabric we use lime wash to stabilise fragile surfaces. This offers both an attractive patina and greatly extends the life of unstable building materials. This approach is often combined with re-pointing or lime rendering and can alleviate the need for rebuilding or replacing old masonry.

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Victorian brickwork re pointing
Re pointing of flint wall
Re-pointing of old brickwork with lime mortar
Re pointing with pure lime
Lime mortar re-pointing
Repairs to a bungaroosh wall in Brighton
Brick wall pointing