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Lime Rendering/Plastering

Lime Rendering or plastering is a breathable and more sustainable alternative to other renders as it allows moisture to evaporate from its entire porous surface rather than becoming trapped in the building and causing damp problems.

Bungaroosh and Flint work

Flint and Bungaroosh walls are common local historic building styles in Kent and Sussex and are as a result of the geology in the area. Re-pointing and rebuilding is essential to keep the characteristics of the local areas.

Jackson Hall – Hastings

Here our team removed foliage and cement from an historic wall and re-pointed it with hot-mixed lime mortar. This helped strengthen the deteriorating wall, assisted it to shed water and dry out resulting in a slowing in erosion caused by weather

Crowhurst Footbridge

Here our team worked to sympathetically rebuild crumbing sections of this historic footbridge and install new copings to protect it from weather damage in the future.

Cranbrook Museum

Our hot mixed lime mortars being put into action here at Cranbrook Museum. Here the re-pointing will continue to allow the breath-ability and flexibility historic buildings need to overcome damp conditions and natural movement over time.

Sculpture and Letter Cutting

Our sculptor is highly trained to model in clay and carve stone. He has experience in Classical, Gothic and other historic styles as well as more contemporary designs. We also design, hand draw and carve letters in stone both in traditional and artistic styles.

Sandstone paving

For older buildings we create sympathetic paving utilising any flagstones which may be present. The incorporation of stone carvings, cobble sets and a range of sizes of tumbled sandstone tiles can be used to create a unique and beautiful outdoor space.

Stone and Brick Pointing

At Saxum Stonemasons we align ourselves with the methods recommended by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and Historic England and  put into practice the use of hot mixed lime mortars to re-point historic brickwork. Evidence shows that historically, mortar would have been made in this way and results in a flexible porous […]


Hand crafted stonemasonry projects include stone archways, door surrounds, obelisk and bird bath. We also make plinth stones, gate heads and replacement capping stones. For window repairs we can create a variety of  mouldings and replacement mullions. Each project is made to measure from a suitable stone which will weather to a beautiful natural finish. […]

Hearths, Fireplaces and Bathrooms

Saxum Stonemasons can supply hand crafted fireplaces and hearths to measure. We also restore old fireplaces and stonework and can make replacement pieces of stone where necessary. Old brickwork inside fireplaces can be stabilised with lime washing or lime rendering creating a complementary and breathable finish. See more of what we can do with granite […]

Lime mortar re-pointing and repair to old buildings

Considerate repairs to old buildings with lime mortar can extend the life of fragile building materials and reduce the loss of historic fabric. Re-pointing of lime mortar joints can also alleviate damp problems and improve the appearance and character of your home. We can offer expert advice on cement removal, partial or complete re-pointing, lime […]

Church repairs

Many of our ecclesiastical buildings locally are  built out of Sussex sandstone and over the past decade we have repaired and replaced numerous blocks of stone which have been weathered and then further damaged by unsuitable cement repairs. We have removed large sections of cement pointing which was leading to trapped moisture and contributing towards […]