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Lime Mortar Pointing and Repairs

Lime mortar repairs

Saxum Stonemasons are specialists in re-pointing and lime mortar repairs in stone and brickwork. We can advise on the suitability of different mortar mixes for your building. These could be pure limes or hydraulic limes to suit the requirements and we remove any unsuitable materials to restore the original beauty and character.


When do I need lime mortar repairs?

If your home was constructed before the mid 19th century then it was most likely built using lime. In more recent years cement and gypsum have been used on many old homes and structures. These materials set very hard and not only look unsightly but often lead to problems.

The effects of this may not become visible for many years. With reduced breath-ability and the formation of cracks as the building moves, moisture can be drawn in where it becomes trapped. Over time this can cause decay to the original lime mortar, masonry or timber. Frost can cause extensive irreparable damage to masonry when water is unable to escape. Problems may also occur in the form of damp, peeling paint and crumbling plaster.


Examples of the work that we do:

Cement Removal

Cement removal is undertaken with great care and in most cases it is possible to fully restore the joints. When this is not possible we can advise on less damaging techniques which will protect the original fabric of the building without causing any unnecessary damage.

With removal or remediation of damaging building materials you can feel confident that your building will be able to breathe and accommodate movement by using flexible lime-based materials. Re-pointing old buildings with a suitable lime mortar can alleviate damp, condensation and decay to the masonry and woodwork.



Our re-pointing, lime washing and rendering work is carried out with skill and patience to ensure that original mortar is matched as closely as possible. Original lime is only removed where necessary and replaced with closely matching mortars which are both long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. We can advise whether to choose partial re-pointing to conserve original fabric or total re-pointing to revitalise a building which has become tired or washed out.  Thorough aftercare ensures that our mixes carbonate well enabling them to survive the test of time.


Lime rendering

Unlike gypsum based plasters lime render is breathable allowing for moisture to escape from a building. It also offers greater flexibility and an attractive patina. In some cases rendering can be use to stabilise fragile stone or brick work reducing the need to replace original materials. Our work is carried out with great care to prolong the life of original fabric, maintain breath-ability and provide attractive repairs to old houses, churches, bridges or castles.


Jamie re-pointed the front of my 200 year old cottage and a long stretch of flint garden wall in 2018. He worked in a meticulous and painstaking way, with great respect for the structures. He’s very knowledgeable about his craft and the whole process was very interesting for us. The results are extremely pleasing!

Lewes resident 2019

Lime mortar pointing

Cement removal

Stone repairs

Lime mortar re-pointing

Lime Mortar Projects

Lime mortar re-pointing and repair to old buildings

Considerate repairs to old buildings with lime mortar can extend the life of fragile building materials and reduce the loss of historic fabric. Re-pointing of lime mortar joints can also alleviate damp problems and improve the appearance and character of your home. We can offer expert advice on cement removal, partial or complete re-pointing, lime […]

Sandstone repairs

We offer a vast range of repair methods that can be applied to sandstone structures such as re-pointing in lime, replacement stone, rebuilding, removing render/paint and helping to solve damp issues. Our traditional hot-mixed lime mortars improve historic structures ability to breath and move over time resulting in less damp, erosion and reduced cracking due […]

Stone and Brick Pointing

At Saxum Stonemasons we align ourselves with the methods recommended by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and Historic England and  put into practice the use of hot mixed lime mortars to re-point historic brickwork. Evidence shows that historically, mortar would have been made in this way and results in a flexible porous […]

Jamie Wallace has a thorough understanding of and enthusiasm for the 'lime process' and the whole business of traditional construction methods. These are vital for the effective care and repair of old buildings, to which irreparable harm can be done by well meaning but inappropriate use of hard and water retaining modern materials. I would trust Saxum Stonemasons implicitly with any project of repair, repointing or renewal of historic stonework, flint work or brickwork. Of course new work would also benefit from the merits of slow, traditional, lime based construction methods.

Lewes resident 2019